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Thursday, September 07, 2006

State Fair!!!

Last week Kimber and I ventured to the State Fair to take in the sites and sounds. It had been a few years since either of us had attended the fair and we were both excited to eat junk food on a stick and be subjected to a verbal barrage of taunts and sales pitches from carnies on the mid-way and booth vendors in the expo hall. What fun!

One of the first things we saw at the fair was the giant Roberts Dairy cow. If you havent's seen it before, it's quite big and is an attractive, stylized representation of a dairy cow... except for the udders. If you've ever seen one of these cows you've undoubtedly noticed the very veiney udder. I don't get it. It looks gross and the rest of the cow looks cute. I'm not a farm kid, but I can assume cows have veins on their udders, but are they that pronounced? Ewwww.

My main reason for going to the fair was to discover as many types of food-on-a-stick as possible. I wanted to eat as much of this decidedly fair fare as possible, but was limited by a budget (fair food ain't cheap) and gastronomical tastes. For example, here we see a Corn Dog stand. Corn dogs are about as American as you can get. I love cornbread and I like hot dogs, but put them together though, and I gag. I can't explain it. To say the least, I passed on the corn dogs.

This stand claimed to be from Louisiana. Judging by the attendent's accents and lack of dental hygeine I'd assume they were telling the truth. Kimber and I decided to try the shrimp on a stick, passing on the gator "tastes like chicken" meat.


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