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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sorry for the lapse - Photo Hunt again!

This photo hunt should be pretty easy. Sorry for the long absence. Just got busy with other things and work. Ok, I was a bit lazy too. I've updated some photos from my stint working on BRAN this year.

I went on BRAN!!!

Ok, RAGBRAI it ain't. No beer tents. No bands. A fraction of the size. WAY more conservative. But FUN none-the-less! And I must say, Nebraska has far more hills and picturesque countryside than you may think. Granted, there's still a whole heckofa lot of flat, cropland out there too.

Along the way I met some really cool folks who I hung out with in the evenings. The picture here shows Ron, architect and Groove Puppet drummer, along with Gloria, fancy-pants cancer research scientist, enjoying some cool beverages in the evening. I apologize to both of them for the less than flattering photo, but in their defense they did ride 80+miles in 90+ heat and near constant headwinds. I had it relatively easy in the air-conditioned truck.

I worked support for the last half of BRAN. I started in Cambridge, camped in Minden and Geneva and ended in Tecumsah.

Roll Out the Barrel

Stopped in Hastings one day for lunch and to refuel the truck. Saw some bicycles outside a bar called the "Beer Barrel Bar." With a name like that you know you can't go wrong.

Inside I was treated to a decor that was both retro and kitchy without being too campy. It was highlighted by the groovy painting of the large-eyed, crying girl. Story goes it was painted by an unknown student at the college in Hastings. The only detractions were the two walls dedicated to Husker football paintings.

The other photo shows my lunchmates, a group of hard-core partiers--er, I mean a highly respected group represting Nebraska's Air National Guard.


Atlanta, Nebraska. Here we see the classic combination of a tee-pee and the love of all things "Husker." Had the best brat in town here. Atlanta was the site of one of the U.S.'s largest internment prison camps for captured German soldiers. Only one prisoner ever escaped but returned voluntarily.

Gettin' Funk-y on BRAN

That's right. Funky Town is in Nebraska.